Women’s Livelihood

Women living in the refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border have limited means of earning money. KNWO has teamed up with WEAVE (Women’s Education for Advancement & Empowerment) in a textile weaving & sewing project in the refugee camps. Free skills training is given to women, including small business training. WEAVE then buys products from the women and puts them up for sale at WEAVE showrooms across Thailand. This provides a stable & legal source of income for refugee women.

In Karenni state, women lack equal rights & economic opportunity. If they hold jobs, their income is less than that of men. This results in less power for women & puts them in vulnerable situations. This is especially crucial in GBV cases.

KNWO has a vocational training programme aimed at vulnerable women in Karenni state. In the vocational training programme, participants are equipped with sewing, bamboo handicraft, basic business & life skills. This programme addresses the need to provide means of economic independence to GBV survivors.