Projects & Campaigns


Karenni National Women’s Organization (KNWO) serves over 1000 woman members, over 5000 families in 2 refugee camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border, and thousands of direct beneficiaries in Karenni state.

We have 2 offices- the Central office in Mae Hong Son, and the branch office in Loikaw. The Central office serves refugees in the refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, while the Loikaw office serves the townships and villages in Karenni state. The Loikaw office also runs a Safe House for survivors of GBV and DV.

Our projects and programmes are aimed at:

  1. Building the capacity of women to be decision-makers and leaders in their families and communities
  2. Promoting and protecting Karenni women’s rights locally and globally
  3. Providing necessary services and support to women and children to ensure their well-being

We have projects and programmes in the following areas:

  • Women’s Rights

  • GBV Prevention & Survivor Support

  • Peacebuilding

  • Women’s Livelihood

  • Education

  • Advocacy & Documentation

  • Health & Sanitation

  • Leadership & Governance

  • Legal & Human Rights Education

  • Protection & Promotion of Cultural Values