KNWO works with many different partners and donors, who provide ongoing financial and technical support for our staff and projects. We are very grateful for their support over the years.

Check out the table below for more information on our partnerships and some of the projects/ programmes they make possible.

  • GBV Prevention and Protection Programme
    • Training and awareness-raising in villages: Family Talks and the Education and Awareness Team
    •  Safe House for GBV survivors
  • Building organisational capacity- financial system review
  • Vocational Training Programme
    • For financial independence and empowerment
    • Bamboo handicraft and sewing
  • Women’s Peace and Security Project- Women’s Perspectives on the Peace Process
    • Engagement sessions in villages and data collection
    • Discussion at Karenni State Women’s Voice Conference
    • Production of Policy Brief for Peace Process: Voices of Karenni Women
  • Community Development Facilitation
    • Mapping of communities’ needs
    • Collation of communities’ needs
    • Together as One Conference
  • Early Childhood Education Programme
    • In refugee camps
    • Teacher training
    • Teaching materials
  • Women Livelihood Programme
    • In refugee camps
    • Training and providing of materials
    • Weaving and sewing
  • Women’s Study Programme
    • 2-year course for women with limited access to education
  • Internship Programme