GBV Prevention & Survivor Support

GBV prevention goes hand in hand with KNWO’s efforts to establish equal rights & educate families about communication techniques. Some of the activities aimed at preventing GBV include: home visits, group discussions, family talks, campaigns, & participation in GBV coordination groups.

KNWO has established networks to support GBV survivors, both in the refugee camps & in Karenni state. We run a Safe House in Karenni state for survivors of GBV who need emergency assistance & protection. In the refugee camps, we help GBV survivors access the camp’s justice system. We also refer GBV survivors to a legal aid organization, for legal assistance in prosecuting the perpetrator.

Recently, in 2016, KNWO took the lead in consolidating referral guidelines for GBV cases. Now, there is a consistent & systematic approach for all GBV cases. This ensures the confidentiality of survivors and encourages survivors to come forward to seek justice. These guidelines have since been implemented by all local CSOs, as well as the government.