KNWO organizes sewing training for women in need.

As part of a vocacional education program, KNWO is promoting a sewing training from August 2nd to September 22nd 2016.

The training is the first of this kind in the region. It was designed to provide craft skills for women living in Kayah state rural area. Program end goal is to give participants alternatives to generate extra income for their families. KNWO leadership expects that it can serve to help to raise local families out of poverty in the long term.

Cutting and sewing instructions on the white board. 

The selection criteria included woman IDP Women (Internal Displaced People), those women victim of Gender Based Violence (GBV), married and unemployed women and women living in rural areas. Another selection requirement is age. Participants are requested in the age range between 18 and 50 years old. The racional behind this selection is to ensure that the training opportunity is given to those individuals that need it the most. In total, 25 women are attending to Basic sewing training.

Basic sewing training is the first of a double module sewing course. Advanced sewing course is estimated to start in October and run through the month of November. These dates are under discussion with partner organizations and will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Students practicing during the class.
One of the sewing machines.

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