Bamboo Handcraft training


KNWO staff organized a Bamboo Handcraft Training from July 4th to July 15th 2016.

21 women from the townships of Loikaw, Mae Sae, Baw Lae Kae, Pa Soung and Shar Daw attended to the course.

Trainees were married unemployed women from 18 to 50 years old. The staff gave priority to IDP women (Internally Displaced People) and women victim of GBV (Gender Based Violence).

The course is part of vocacional education series whose goal is to give women the tools to increase their family income.

Students practing bamboo handcraft during the training.

What is next?

KNWO staff is building a network with local retailers to ensure women producers have contacts to sell their bamboo handcrafts. Goods will start to be sold in the region in the month of September 2016.

Picture frames made during the training.
Wallet made during the training.

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