Women Peace and Security Forum

Audience in Women Peace and Security Forum.


From August 13th to 15th 2016 Loikaw, Myanmar was stage for Women Peace and Security Forum. The workshop brought together speakers from KNWO, KYWO and BWU to cover the following topics involving women issues:

  • Social role.
  • Security for women.
  • Land and enviroment.

During Day One the group discussed Social aspects involving women in the region. Main topics covered included:

  • Only 30% of Karenni women can vote in peace process political referendums.
  • Why women are not included in political peace discussions and how to make sure they are part of these forums.
  • Picture of violence against women in Karenni state.

During Day Two the main topics were:

  • Current participation of women in the state economy.
  • What are the challenges for women to take part in the state economy.
  • Environment and land: How to overcome the issue that women from some ethinic groups are not allowed to receive land from their parents.

In Day Three all groups came together to summarize main learnings from Day 1 and Day 2. Discussion focused in the following topics:

  • How can we include women in the Peace Process discussion.
  • How can we solve Gender Based Violence in the states and what are the next steps to make it happen.
  • How to ensure women have equal rights in the constitution.


KNWO staff and other participants discuss women’s participation in social matters such as the peace process.

This workshop portraited the union of Karenni women to create opportunities for themselves and the future generation. In addition, it brought deeper understanding about the issues that currently prevent them to benefit from safety, better education, and economic opportunities and gave insights on how to tackle them.

Sharing knowledge among different women associations is the best way to increase the movement strength and therefore and to ensure that in the future these issues will no longer exist.





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