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We're a leading organization in the promotion and protection of women’s rights in Karenni state and in the refugee camps.

Standing against violence on International Women’s Day

On 8th March 2018 we held an International Women’s Day celebration at De Maw Soe township, Daw Ng Kha. The event attracted a total of 170 participants from the De Maw Soe township, Loikaw township, Nan Mae Kso city, Moe Byal city and Phruso township, comprising of local women, men, youth, section leaders, political parties, and YLFC students.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge about women’s rights, as well as the importance of including women in peace building processes. Topics discussed included reducing gender-based violence (GBV) and support for survivors through safe-house services and local justice systems.

Highlights of the day included a role play on women and security prepared by the YLFC (Youth Life Formation Centre) and testimonies from two local representatives about the experiences of women in their communities.

Manaw yu Hpaw Htoo, from the Lawsi village, explained that in her community many women still do not recognize the abuse they face at home as domestic violence. Even when domestic violence is recognised and reported, local leaders tend to respond with ineffective traditional methods.

She shared “The majority of community leaders are men. They don’t provide women with opportunities to make decisions and I feel our views are not respected. We want equal rights for men and women and for both to work together.”

Women Network Meeting

On September 29th staff representatives reunited with other Women Organizations from Myanmar in a networking conference in Yangon. It was the 4th time that women organzations from different states met in this national level conference.

During the meeting, KNWO team presented their work with the safe house to the audience. The focus was on Prevention and Response program. After each organization exposed their work to the public, all participants grouped to discuss their weaknesses and strengths to implement their goals.

Discussion main focus was the following questions:

  • What the best way to achieve justice for women victim of Gender Based Violence is.
  • Which actions shall we implement to protect women from violence.

After this activity, the group built a plan to prioritize actions and assign responsibilities. The meeting transcript will generate a report that will be shared with partners and other stakeholders.